REVIVE NIGHT | Revive Night is a monthly student service that takes place every second Wednesday of the month. This night is a party designed with your students in mind. For more information visit the Black Tent at your campus or follow us on Instagram.

YOUTH EVENTS | Students have the opportunity to be a part of events that happen all throughout the month. For more information stop by the Black Tent at your campus!

CITY GROUPS | City Groups are weekly gatherings in our community for Jr. High and High School students. They are a fun way to explore the foundational principles of our faith. For more information click here.

SMALL GROUPS | Small Groups meet once a week and gather around common interests, Bible studies, and more. To find a small group that’s right for you,  click here.

GROW PLAN | The Grow Plan is an awesome resource for discovering your purpose. You’ll learn all about ITOWN Church, how God created you, and how you can use your gifts to glorify Him!

(1 Peter 4:10) God has given each of you a spiritual gift from his variety of great spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.

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