Making A Difference At Willow Place

Willow Place provides housing and resources to women in need as the only emergency women’s shelter in Madison County, . They live by the reality that “This could be the only Jesus encounter these women ever come in contact with.” Their programs are designed to incorporate serving others, celebrate recovery, and commit to daily devotionals in the home. Willow Place opened in September 2019, and has seen over 70 women come through their doors for shelter and help.

One current resident explains her experience at Willow Place:

“I came to Willow Place, when I didn’t want to. However, I didn’t know where else to go. I had suffered countless years of abuse as a child from my step-father. As a teenager, I tried to commit suicide because of the abuse. Also, as a foster child in a family of 12 children, it was hard to feel wanted and seen. I needed somewhere to turn right when I was 18 and was guided here, to Willow Place. For years, I was angry at God for not letting me die during the suicide attempts. Coming here, I have learned that I have a purpose, that God needed me for such a time as this. I realize now that I have people who love me. I am plugged into a local church, I love Jesus, and trust him with my life. I am finishing my first year in college to get a Criminology Degree! I am also turning 19 this month!”

Thank you ITOWN for your generosity and helping women have a safe place in Madison County to turn to in their darkest times. We were able to give a check that went directly towards renovations of new flooring and paint for their shelter! There are so many more stories just like this one, that show the impact of your giving and generosity. Let’s keep rallying together to be world changers and history makers for the Kingdom! 

Post by ITOWN Church

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