How Missions Changes Lives

Check out this story of how missions can impact your relationship with Jesus!

“I have been blessed to have been able to travel to Panama, India, and Ukraine with ITOWN Church. Throughout all of these trips I have had life changing experiences, seen God move in amazing ways, and have met some of my best friends. Mission trips have not only helped me see the world around me through a different perspective, but they also have changed my heart from the inside out. I believe they are a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone all the while serving God and spreading His love.  If you have any doubt that you would not be fit for a mission trip, sign up and watch God prove you wrong.

I was a new believer when I went to Panama the first time. At that point in my faith I didn’t have many bible verses memorized; in fact I was even lucky to read my bible every day. I didn’t fully grasp what it was like to pursue a real relationship with Jesus at that time. I signed up for a mission trip because I wanted to see what jumping into Christianity truly felt like. One night during the trip, Dan Sales (that runs the ministry we partner with) brought us to a restaurant to meet people that were currently in his bible study program. There we met a woman that was very in tune with the Holy Spirit. She was able to recount to me a secret that no one else on the trip knew (one that still consumed me with guilt at that time) and was able to give me a message that God had forgiven me, but I had to forgive myself and start truly living my life for Him instead of holding onto the past. I gave my life to Christ that night and have not looked back since. That meeting was not planned, and it was only because of God’s grace and His divine intervention that I met her that night. Since then I have been able to change my life around and live life to the fullest inside of His love. I am so thankful to have gone on that trip because it furthered my relationship with God so much more, which then allowed me to go on other trips to show God’s love to others by serving them. Trust me, you will not regret going on a missions trip.”

Post by ITOWN Church