Changing Lives & Impacting The Next Generation

The Crossing is an alternative, faith-based high school for struggling students in Indiana. They have assisted almost 12,000 students to further their education since 2003. They aim to help students walk in faith through “family time” and “God talks.” The school partners with churches and businesses to embed students in organic relationships allowing them to serve, be a part of a team, learn new skills, and to one day placed in a field of their passion.

Check out this story of a student The Crossing named Dakota and how the school has impacted their life!

Dakota is a senior who is very excited about graduating the The Crossing this May! When Dakota was in high school she was sexually assaulted which lead her to drugs, anxiety, and depression. She recoiled into silence because of her shame from the trauma. Dakota started failing classes and she began to self harm with the already prevalent depression and anxiety. At that point, her mom brought her to her Bible study, though not interested. Dakota said, “I would rather be anywhere, but at that Bible study, but God had other plans.” That night she met one of the teachers from The Crossing. The Crossing was a place the teacher could share her faith and really get to know her students. Dakota knew she had to try it. As Dakota started her journey at The Crossing, she began to grow in confidence and faith. She is the first student who has been offered a paid internship to lead other students!

She has been clean for 3 years and cannot wait for the future! She will be mentoring the next generation of students. Dakota shared, “This place changed my life and showed me Jesus all when I was hurting the most. The Crossing didn’t look at my past, and they just wanted me to succeed in the future.”

Through your generosity, we are can continue to be part of the change in the next generation, and students just like Dakota! 

Post by ITOWN Church