JULY 19-21, 2022

Summer Retreat is a 3-day retreat for students 7-12th grade to Highlands Lakes Camp in Martinville, Indiana!

Mark your calendars and register for the Summer ITOWN Youth Retreat! We are packing up for three days and two nights of summer sun at Highland Lakes Camp and Conference Center! Register ASAP to secure your seat on the bus! You were MADE FOR MORE and will discover how you were made on purpose for a purpose! Summer ITOWN Youth Retreat includes a full menu of fun team building activities, group competitions, swimming, campfire pow-wows, epic worship, awesome teaching to help you grow a deeper relationship with Jesus and of course, making epic camp memories with your friends! Summer ITOWN Youth Retreat 2022 is going to be life-changing summer camp experience that you don’t want to miss!


ITOWN Summer Retreat is a 3-day retreat for students 7-12th grade.

Summer Retreat costs $175.00 per student.

Yes, scholarships are available! If you are in need of a scholarship, please email our team at

Summer Retreat will be held at Highland Lakes Camp and Conference Center : 7605 State Road 39 North – Martinsville, Indiana 46151

Yes, two nights and three days. We will leave on Tuesday morning and return on Thursday evening.

  • Bed Linens (pillow, sheets, light blanket, or a sleeping bag) 
  • Towels (showers and pool) and washcloths / loofahs. 
  • Personal Care Items (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, DEODORANT, soap, etc.) 
  • Swimwear: (you WILL get wet during certain camp activities like the Blob, Slide, Pool, Canoes, etc.) We request one piece bathing suits on ladies and no Speedo-type swimwear for men.
  • Sneakers and sandals: lots of activities require close-toed shoes and others require sandals/flip-flops. Bring both and you’ll have something to wear when one gets wet.
  • Your Best Friends!
  • Your BIBLE, the most essential item for Camp.
  • Notebook and pens 
  • Sunscreen & Bug repellant 
  • Flashlight 
  • Any medication that you are currently taking. Do not pack meds in your bag. Have medication out and available at check in. The nurse will collect it upon arrival. 
  • Baseball glove, football, and frisbee (if preferred for free time activities) 
  • Clothes: bring some clothes that can get VERY dirty/ruined. Camp activities are messy by nature and always bring extra clothes for when you get dirty/wet. Also, don’t forget Pajamas and maybe a light jacket, hoodie, or raincoat. Indiana weather is unpredictable!

Thank you for understanding that all registrations are transferable but non-refundable. Transfers are the responsibility of the two parties involved, and ITOWN does not arrange payment for transferred registrations or the exchange of wristbands / tickets. Upon arriving at the retreat, check-in will occur under the name of the party that initially registered to the retreat. 

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